My favorite period of art is Romanticism, 18th to 19th Centuries, and even more specifically the Hudson River School which was influenced by the Romanticism period. The Romantics challenged the notion that landscape painting was of lower status than other genres. For them the landscape became a grand subject and even approached with a sense of mystecism. And the Hudson River School, with a strong sence of discovery and exploration, depicted the American landscape as a pastoral setting where human beings and nature coexist peacefully.

My approach to landscape photography is with these same principles in mind. I see the earth as something to be cherished for several reasons. Namely it is our home. While on this earth we have nowhere else to go, no other home to turn to, so it is our God-given responsibilty to care for it. It is one of the greatest trusts that has been given to the human race, and as a whole we are failing miserably. Also, the earth in and of itself is a beautiful place. I find, even in stark places like the deserts of the Middle East of even Nevada, a sense of awe and wonder.